So, I was reading the Taylor article about a couple who had a phone stolen and then saw their homemade porn hit the internet. Keep your home movies at home people.

I have made my fair share of videos in my day, and have gone to extreme lengths to get rid of said materials. In college I stole a GF's phone I was going to break up with, BEFORE, we broke up, just to delete the videos we made together, Only to miraculously find the phone under my passenger seat. I have straight up broke a digital camcorder.

Needless to say, I do not want my mother or future wife ever having to watch me go to town on some stranger they have never met.

I have also personally seen this work out horribly for people as well. When I was in college. One of my roommates was seeing this chick, who wanted to make a porn with him. After making the video the girl eventually leaves, buddy comes into the living room and sits down. He straight smelled like some fucking and we told him so. He then goes on to elaborate on the sex saying he made a video. Young Bro tastic Thunder Lips thought this was fucking bad ass and thought he should share the video with the house. It was marvelously as bad as you think amateur porn would be. I learned my roommates testicles had been replaced by 2 grapefruit, and that this poor girls butt looked like Pan's, minus a flute.

Anyhow this same young girl comes by some time shortly after that and we once again were all sitting in the living room.


It wasn't me for the record that made the first snarkey comment, but she knew immediatly that we had all seen the video in short order. She immediatly started crying and left. My roommates would harass her unendingly when ever we bumped into her at the bars downtown.

Keep your home movies at home peoples. Not on your phone, not on your laptop. On a fucking sim card that never leaves your house.