I don’t know.

And neither do you.


This post is so I can rant and/or laugh at random shit that I’ve come across this week..

I’ll start with some very regional benign petty shit:

First of all, this headline and entire write up is dumb. Her taste aren’t questionable. Housing in DC is trash and this area is her best option at this moment in time. But that goes without saying. Second, this person is dumber:


Isn’t Williamsburg some shallow gentrified space now? I don’t go to that part of NY when I visit. But I’m pretty sure I’m right so this person is full of shit because I told myself to never go back to the Navy Yard area of DC since its massive gentrification turned it into a boring soulless hub filled with everything white transplants from Wyoming would love to be around. The Navy Yard is now filled with Nationals Park, that Audi soccer place, and a brewery where a tour and tasting cost nearly $30. The Navy Yard area even went full gentrification and changed their name: The Yards. Also, except for the Georgetown area, this place I find to house the rudest people in DC.

Sorry. I just got highly annoyed with someone calling a gentrified space some artist haven.


What else is there?

Oh, apparently the Oscars are this Sunday. I will not be watching because I’m real sick and tired of rooting against films. Last year was Billboards and now this year is Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody. Like, can the voting people get their act together and not vote for movies that would be “amazing” in the 1960s? Also, I cannot get over that people who love BR say they loved it because of the music. The music, my guy? Bitch, get a Spotify account. It’s cheaper than that ticket you spent on this lie of a movie.

And Green Book...

Forget the fact that the name of the movie is about a book that black Americans used to not be around racists white people and that it is written and directed by a bunch of white dudes. This is some driving miss daisy shit that people in the year of our lord 2019 are saying is poignant and “has something powerful to say.” Really? A white savior movie that uses the name “Green Book” to absolve one white man because he can be in the car with a black man. Cool cool cool.


What else is there?

Oh, fuck Drag Race. I don’t even know why I came back after the messes that were Season 10 and AS 3. Don’t even get me started on how the judges don’t understand outer space in general. Anyway, I’m done. Just FYI.

Now we laugh:


How is anyone supposed to feel about a woman being cheated on by community dick when she was once part of the community?


Also, I know the Kardashians are so accustomed to stealing from black people that it’s like breathing; but if you are gonna steal use it properly, you weirdo.


And lol @ her acting like Khloe’s some struggling single mom. I’d be insulted if they weren’t all so ridiculous.


Well, I’m done ranting. Glad I got that off my chest.

Oh, who has seen Russian Doll?

Happy Friday!