It’s definitely trolling, but the comments are fun to read. I disagreed on a few:

Nicolas Cage. He’s known mostly now for his over the top hammy stuff, but he can be a very good and serious actor when he wants to be. And judging from a video he did last year about his roles, he is fully aware of when he overacts, it’s not an accident.

Amy Adams can act, she’s great in Sunshine Cleaning, Junebug, and Arrival.

Michael B. Jordan was great in Fruitvale Station and Black Panther.

Brie Larson did well in Room and Short Term 12.

Chris Evans was really good in Snowpiercer and Puncture.

Angelina Jolie was great in Gia, Playing By Heart, and Girl, Interrupted.

A lot of these were more movie stars who are known for being personalities, not so much great actors. It made me feel like Clover doesn’t really watch character dramas much, or doesn’t know of character actors that well, if her frame of reference for bad acting were more pop culture movie stars.