Ok Clashtalk, we've got work to do. A certain Gawker Media denizen has brought it to my attention that at the tender age of 19 they fucked a bona fide "celebrity" in an elevator. For reasons known only to themselves, they choose to remain anonymous. However we have the opportunity to coax this information out of them if we play our cards right.


I am not going to tell you the year but it was summer. Our protagonist (henceforth referred to as Starfucker) had recently seen a movie featuring this celebrity (henceforth known as Star). According to Starfucker, around this time Star was so-so attractive with "something going on"—but is now known for being completely gorgeous. So what happened was, Starfucker was at brunch gushing about the movie to a friend who, it turned out, knew the Star in question—and so they decided to go and visit Star that day. After a full day of hanging out in which Star behaved in a flirty, "pervy" but according to Starfucker totally unserious way (I'll be honest it sounds pretty fucking forward to me), Star pounced on our fellow Clashtalker in the elevator on the way up to his/her apartment, and the two of them totally went to town on each other. Starfucker claims this is very out of character for them (hmm, ok, OWN IT says I).


1. Yes/no questions only

2. No more than 20 questions, naturally, and if we don't get it, mystery starfucker is not obliged to reveal their conquest


3. We have to figure out how to do this collaboratively so that the first 20 questions people hurl forth don't get used up right away and ruin it. As we get closer to 20 we'll want to choose wisely, probably after some discussion. People may have guesses that others have the capacity to rule out, for instance. Therefore once the group has decided on a question to be answered, someone post it in bold.

N.B. Now while it might be possible for a few of you who've been around since days of yore to guess who this is, let's not spill the beans.