Post whatever the fuck you want. Ideally from the 2000s, but that's not really a hard and fast rule. I'm going to go with Tom Vek for what I felt was an under-appreciated ditty, CC (You Set the Fire In Me):

I own the CD but I think this is the first time I've ever seen that film clip. Indeed, I double-checked that it was the film clip (from a vevo channel, so I'd say it's legit). Try and look past the absurdity of a clip that seems to be the brainchild of two people saying: "I really like the civil war uniforms, and I think that should be enough of a premise for a music video." "I disagree. We'd also need muppets, but fucked-up ones, like from Meet The Feebles." [Fist bump]

Given that this will be my last foray into into 2000s, feel free to post anything you think was overlooked. And thank you, CLTers. This has been lots of fun.