It has been rumored ever since the 2016 matchups were released, and today John McClain of The Houston Chronicle reported it is indeed likely to be happening- Raiders vs. Texans in La Azteca.

As if the news of los Raiders playing a game in Mexico isn’t delicioso enough, it is un especially hilarious chiste coming a day after Mark Leibovich’s article in The New York Times Magazine featuring a quote from Texans owner Bob McNair in regards to the Raiders being shut out of LA, “Oakland gets nothing,” a sentiment he said he feels because of how Al Davis used to sue the NFL. Bob McNair did not become an NFL owner until 2002, long after Mr. Davis was of a more litigious mind. Bob McNair is a fucking punk, and after that dropped yesterday, I’d rather put Mexico City on my itinerary than Oakland if I were him too.

As you could have guessed, it will be the Raiders giving up a home game for this. The Texans proudly said they had been badgering the league for an international ROAD game, preferably in Mexico. Oh really, you wouldn’t mind playing a game on a neutral site instead of in your opponents’ house? You sure? Man, that’s pretty big of you guys! So in what may very well be the Raiders last year in Oakland, they’re giving up a home game. Sweet. But we all know how Bob McNair feels about that...

The bright side to this is the punk-ass, non-Derek Carr and Khalil Mack drafting, QB-less team owned by the anti-discrimination legislation-opposing cowardly dickhead I’m dying to kick in the taint who wanted to play in Mexico so bad to make more fans got their wish and drew- los Raiders. Ha ha. Crowd-wise, I have to assume this will be a home game for us, and then some. Hopefully that La Azteca crowd brings their USA/Mexico soccer manners too, and makes a point to throw piss and puke at Bob McNair. A 42-10 loss to los Raiders should net him all the fans he deserves. Fuck that coward bigot and his irrelevant franchise.