As commenter Cam/ron put it, ‘There’s never a dull moment in American identity politics.’

Another election season is almost here. While the left has been completely eliminated from politics (except for token old guard Bernie), all sorts of self-identifying ‘left-liberals’ are strewn over the social media landscape. How does their gathering IRL look like? I am glad you asked.

At its worst, however, Left Forum is Comic Con for Marxists—Commie Con, if you will—and an absolute shitshow of nerds and social rejects. There are bitter old codgers that will harangue you about a thirty-some-years-old internecine grudge, and there are politically unsophisticated kids with Che Guevara t-shirts and Adbusters subscriptions. There are sanctimonious Trotskyists, ridiculous Maoist Third-Worldists, condescending horizontalist anarchists, smug social democrats and a glut of ardent adherents to similarly esoteric ideological traditions, all competing for the title of Most Insufferable Anti-Capitalist. Left Forum is notorious for grueling Q&A sessions, often with nary a “Q” to be found. People like to demonstrate how many books they’ve read (or worse, have written and self-published) in embarrassing displays of pretension and/or machismo, and cynicism is frequently substituted for insight.

Would you like to hear of the worst tendencies among SJWs? Of course.

More often than not, the aggrieved are concerned with the sort of perceived transgressions one rarely hears of outside small liberal arts schools, as with Appropriation of Climate Justice and Intersectionality by Mainstream Environmentalists: Challenges, Opportunities, and Concerns.

Like a fifteen-year-old who’s recently discovered punk rock, the nouveau “Social Justice Warrior” crowd frequently presumes an undue sense of ownership over incredibly basic, nearly ancient ideas. Accusations of theft and plagiarism are all the rage. The aforementioned panel was put together by a group of people who believe they’re part of a uniquely unracist, unsexist, unhomophobic, untransphobic environmentalism, and that they’re somehow being ripped off. Their abstract:

The marginalization of queer and trans* people of color (QT*POC) within the climate movement—the silence around how climate change will disparately impact these communities and the disregard of the radical contributions QT*POC liberation offers the climate movement— highlights the importance of challenging, deepening and expanding the mainstream climate movement’s intersectional analysis.

Don’t you just hate it when those fake-ass poseur environmentalists rip off your intersectionality? One would assume that in any intelligible scheme of political success, the mass “appropriation” of their ideas/consciousness/jargon/acronyms would be the ultimate goal of these “intersectional environmentalist” pioneers. But when you substitute po-mo politics for your personality, “Moooooooom, he’s coooooopying meeeee” quickly becomes a new standard of oppression.


I suggest reading the full post to get an idea of the lunacy. It looks like the Dashcon kids have grown up.