I've been following the Rolf Harris case on the BBC for the past few weeks (apparently he's just been convicted), but before it hit the news, I don't think I'd ever heard of him. I can kind of understand why (his schtick just wasn't my thing), but just how big was he in Australia and England?

And, in a broader sense, what in the world is going on with the British media? He was brought down as part of Operation Yewtree,* and reading about that investigation, there were so many people involved, it's just baffling.**

*-Some of the cases have already been dismissed, and it goes without saying that the accused deserve to be heard when they make a defense, but still, the scope of the investigation is surprising to an outsider.

**-I'll admit that this is, on a certain level, a stupid reaction, as if one were to really delve into an American offender who got away with it for so long, there would almost certainly be as big a web of people doing equally awful things.