By now we have all heard about what is going on with Bryan Singer, his taste in men, etc, and I have noticed something kinda strange about how people feel about this scenario that I think is worth mentioning.

Now, I don't know the story to the victim, but I do know that I saw some pretty heavy victim shaming going on. I saw more, "this guy deserved it", WITHOUT so much as a peep from anybody that there might be some plausibility to his story.

I propose a question to my commentary brethren. What if the man putting forth the allegations was a women? What then? Would you still being saying the same thing?! Would you just say SHE was in it for the money then?!

I don't know bout yall, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I saw some pretty god awful shit, shaming this victim in the comments, and I didn't see anybody,(including myself) giving the benefit of the doubt to the alleged victim, that is usually afforded a rape victim in these articles.

Am I missing something here?! Is this guy actually trying to come up on some money, or his he actually just trying to prevent this from happening to other men?!

I don't know, maybe I am wrong, but it just seems like a veiled form of bigotry.