Your old Uncle Zuzax has fallen off the wagon once again and is seeking a way to amuse himself. Back in the day we used to play a game where you would go around the room and tell a story only using movie titles -not quotes- titles.

Each person would submit a movie title to keep the narrative flowing, and you could shave off or add articles as needed, and plug in verbs where appropriate, but the most important thing was 1) being funny; and 2) keeping the narrative flowing. That's actually two things, but that's how the story goes. Anyway, you would blurt out titles that fit until you you 1) ran out of movie titles; 2) passed out; or 3) left. That's three things.

Failure to participate will bring upon you the opprobrium, scorn, and contempt of your fellow Clashtalkers (me anyway) so let's begin.

I will start in the reply.