So yesterday I got an email from my son’s school (he goes to the local public h.s.) that a kid had been making threats of violence against students and teachers. Some other kids heard him and came forward. When the police went to the kid’s house to check it out, they wound up arresting him and confiscating an unsecured firearm that the kid had access to.

My son was in middle school when Newtown happened, and just starting to text with his friends. Their texts about Sandy Hook—trying to make sense of what happened and how they should react—were so heartbreaking to read. I wanted to insulate him from living in fear so I told him that Los Angeles has really strict gun control laws making it much less likely that such a thing could happen here (I know, I know, I was freaking out, ok?). Then after Parkland I asked him if he was feeling nervous about going to school and he was like, “naww,” very blase about it. I’m sure he is still not nervous because he’s a very, very chill type of person that basically never gets riled up. But of course I’m nervous.

That said, I would love to see some research on whether active shooter drills wind up reducing fatalities. Given that we’re now scaring the shit out of little kids by making them do these drills, it would be nice to know it isn’t just an exercise in making adults feel like they’ve addressed the situation, or reducing liability. (It reminds me of when my mom was in school in the 50s and they made them get under the desks in case of nuclear attack. That has stayed with her for decades and traumatized her way more than a desk would have protected her from a giant bomb.)

This has been a gun control ramble.