Like all great conflicts - Mods Vs Rockers, Hippies Vs Bikers, Prog Vs Punk etc - twee boys must reconcile with hXc girls. Xylophone tones are off the chart, bangs are getting too severe. International peace is dependent on our regrouping, otherwise Goth domination will go unchallenged.

yes I am drunk. had a concoction of gin mixed with lime-ginger cordial & some Thai peppers in the evening. Then went to this friend's flat which he has re-occupied after a long gap. Lot of college days sunk there. There, I drank some clear rum with lime cordial, peach juice & soda.

When I listen to this, I am acutely aware of how wack it looks to others. Like Mz. Jenkins once said, its a miracle white people hook up at all. [given the exploration of awkwardness]

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[Pic by Ya3]