Or people who have lived/been familiar with the town in the past:

As I mentioned last night, I have an interview next week for a job. It's in Boston, and I imagine that one of the questions I will get involves relocating. I'm happy to do so—excited about the prospect, actually—but I realize that "I'm happy to so—excited about the prospect, actually" isn't necessarily the most convincing answer. Also, if I end up being offered the job, I'll need to, you know, find a place to live.

So what I'd like to do is do a bit of research into places to live (fighting the urge to keep from getting my hopes up too high), so that I can say, "Why, yes, I'd be happy to do so. In fact, I've researched a few places in the area."

And so, I ask you—are there any areas of town that you would recommend looking into?