So I like to watch the American football. Occasionally I watch online, and sometimes that means watching streams that originate in England. I'm an anglophile, so I'm okay with this.

My question is: just how into American football is the English viewing public? The game I was watching the other night featured teasers for their next broadcast, which was Utah State vs. San Jose State. Neither of those teams is particularly good. Neither of them is particularly popular in the US. Although I watch a lot of football, I can't imagine watching that game unless I had money on it, and I wouldn't have money on it unless I were a particularly degenerate gambler.

In other words, I can't figure out why it would be such a game would be on TV in England, although it might be kind of like the early days of ESPN over here, when they would broadcast Australian rules football, snookers tournaments, pretty much anything else, because they didn't have anything to run during the daytime.

By the way, not for nothing, but I love when I get tied in to an English video stream, because you'll also get things like commercials featuring gay couples, which you hardly ever get over here, and would lead to rioting in the streets if they ran during a football game.