A while ago I made a joke to the Dictator's Mom about wanting to set-up a sub-forum (if that's even a thing) as a depository for .gifs (and, I suppose, images and the like) that could be useful/interesting in comments, because I can never find some of them, even when they come to mind (here's the one she used, for sake of, well, here's the one she used):

The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought that a sub-forum would pretty easily get lost and forgotten, so a tag might work better. Feel free to use it to post any images you think might be helpful for illustrating points, mocking idiots, or that are just, you know, interesting. (In the interest of full disclosure, I chose "GIF of the Magi" as a tag because my first idea—"The Texas GIF Depository," seemed like it would be too long, and also, that's pretty dark).

As a starter, here's an explanation for just about every editorial decision Gawker made during AJ's tenure: