Today is the first day of probably a 10 day straight working week. 'Landed a rewire at a house shared by a mother and son. It's not a super weird relationship though... well non sexual contact aside you might mistake them for a couple. Anyway that and the other cubic shit tonne of stuff on my plate makes for a busy littlewing.

In a none barfy way I should dedicate this to Mrs wing, for doing the truly important stuff while I'm chasing the money fairy. But, truth be told I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG, heavy.

On another slightly off topic note I think I had my first 'celebrity sex dream ' last night. Whereby I did gain carnal knowledge of Miranda Bailey from Greys Anatomy. It was a mutually enjoyable experience which I'm taking as an auspicious start to the workathon.

So Clashtalk which celebs have you sleep boned?