I've been fucking around the various Kinja sites all day and one thing I've noticed is how terribly isolating the experience of being a commenter has/will become. If it's not the return of the weird side scrolling that makes it impossible to get a lay of the land on a given post, it's the fact that there's also now a purgatory for unapproved commenters to languish in on the main blog.

So I'm grateful to have been invited to the new Clashtalk, as I will probably be hanging out in forums more often when Kinja consumes all the Gawker sites.

Before I get to my terrible idea, I'd like to formally introduce myself. I used to hang out in Crosstalk under the handle of eternalcthulhu, was the first person banned by AJ for daring to criticize Mail of Tears (an honor, really). I briefly migrated to Crasstalk, and then returned to create this account from which I launched my vendetta against Gawker. Unfortunately, my plan to destroy Gawker has failed miserably, since Denton beat me to it.

Anyway, speaking of terrible things, those of you familiar with Crasstalk will remember the similarity to Kinja. One thing they did at that place, and maybe it's worth a try here, just for the sake of tidiness, is create general discussion posts (a morning and and evening one, if I recall correctly). This new Kinja layout seems like it's such a waste of space, I figured it might be better to contain everything into a few posts a day, and new threads can be created within via the side scrolling functionality. Anyway, that's my modest proposal. Feel free to disregard.

Having typed out all that, I realize I have now spent more time thinking about Gawker than is probably healthy.