I dont know how to start but I am just going from right now.

So I have a rocky relationship with my family, my mothers side is a bunch of medical professionals that are centrist Democrats, and my dads family is a bunch of pro life conservatives that are on a bunch of government programs.

A true mashup of bullshit, and I am not the guy to bite my tongue and after last Thanksgiving I decided I would just work through this holiday.

Now, I thought I was in the clear, but my mothers birthday is the 27th and she decided that when I called her she wanted to be my mother and do this thing were she was curious about were I was on Thanksgiving when she, lol hasn’t spent thanksgiving with me in 15 years.

15 years.

I am pretty cold hearted, but man, saying that aloud right now makes me a brand of angry.


I cant even imagine saying that to somebody I am close to. And here I am. Furious.

I mean there is a lot more to it. I think a bunch of us dont really have familys that we can speak to.

I guess sometimes holding on, like it’s something sacred stings a bit when you really rip that bandage off.


Fcuck em. The sooner these baby boomers hit the dirt the better. I will cry that day but it wont be because they were gone. It will be because they fucking didnt care about any generation but there own.