Thanks—kinda—to Slipdisco for drawing out attention to this tremendous human being and Man of Letters(TM), in the same way that I would say thanks to whoever first said or wrote the words "Hugo Schwyzer," "Alan Chambers," or "Dick Cheney" in my presence.

Remember Ed Champion, the lunatic who wrote a 11,000-word screed about Emily Gould and other, to be fair, inexplicably noted, but really, who cares, writers, almost all of whom happened to be women? [Editor's note: If you're reading this, Ed, first off, hi. Secondly, note that "Abusive asshole continues to be abusive, asshole" only takes seven words (two of which are repeats, so really, like, five and a half) and a fraction of a second to read—that's how you streamline your thesis.] Apparently he took more than his fair share of heat for his bizarre, rambling, misogynistic rant, but you'll be happy to know he's emerged from the trial as a better, stronger, bigger person.

The article was excoriated on Twitter for its sexism and shortsightedness. Many women shared similar stories of intimidation and harassment at Champion's hands. Champion was mocked for having the gall to criticize published authors when he, in fact, had published nothing. Champion then threatened to take his own life, writing, "No money, no job, no gigs, no agent (a MS out with three). Not good enough. So I'm going to throw myself off a bridge now. No joke. Goodbye."

Many of Champion's critics took a step back after this, offering assistance and guidance. (The Awl's Choire Sicha attempted to talk him down in person.) One such supporter was Porochista Khakpour, a critically acclaimed author whom Champion had previously interviewed twice on his podcast.

Somewhere along the line, however, Champion evidently changed his mind about supporting Khakpour. Thursday night, Champion unleashed a string of invective and harassment against her, followed by a threat to reveal the name of the man who had allegedly taken nude photos of Khakpour.


Well, it's probably unfair to judge based on someone else's write-up, especially since they seem to be pretty critical of Champion from the get-go. It's not like we could judge him by his own words or anythi—

Let's talk about how I went out of my way to give @pkhakpour a reason to live. Phone calls, emails. Now she smears me with lies.

I busted my ass and went out of my way to put THE LAST ILLUSION in the hands of many. And now she smears me with fabricated conjecture.

I urged her to live. I cracked jokes. I told her she had talent. And now she fucks me over with prevariations. I feel so used, betrayed

Let's be public about the way that Porochista Khakpoour is an awful narcissist who squeezes everything she can from you and then dumps you.

I will never support @pkhakpour in any way again. She is a venal solipsist who hopes to drown any surrounding party into her insipid drama.

She fucked over Alexander Chee, Tayari Jones. She sponges and sponges and makes you think that you are the perpetrator.

Fuck Porochista Khakpour. I busted my ass to push her books, and she invents conspiracy theories in lieu of seeking therapy.

If @pkhakpour does not apologize to me before 11:00 PM, I will reveal the name of the man who photographed her. The choices is hers.

Five minutes. Who is the man who photographed @pkhakpour in the nude? I'm not afraid, and I won't be intimidated.

The publishing industry has done nothing for me. Give me one good goddam reason not to divulge the details.

The publishing industry had done ZERO for me. Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Here it is.


Well, there it is. Sorry for your troubles, Ed, as well as for the fact that people haven't done nearly enough to, um, make things happen for you. You're a good, good man.