So, I got a temporary job in New York City. Packed, cashed out part of my 401k to be able to afford expenses for the temporary move, stashed my poor doggie with a neighbor while I tried to find a place that allowed dogs. Started the job okay, but then the client gave us rather unreasonable (to say the least) deadlines, and when things inevitably went to shit, I was the one (well, one of three) who got chopped. So, yep, I was fired today after a week of work.

I can't even be upset. It's the usual thing: the people at the top of the hierarchy don't understand the work, have extremely unreasonable expectations, and when the blame game begins, I fess up to my contribution to the fuck up, everyone else pretends to be blameless. I take one step forward while everyone else takes two back. I really have to develop the "throw co-worker under the bus" instincts that everyone else seems to have.