or something. I <3 my pain meds.
People and situations that are making my hospital stay somewhat bearable:

- Nurse Jackie, my day nurse. Kind, awesome, funny and brings my meds early. Someone buy this woman a crown. She deserves it.

- The doctor who gave me the results of my tests, the news I wouldn't have to have surgery and my treatment plan. You're a sweet and funny old man - nobody else could get that adorably excited over pictures of ulcers while calling them "impressively big!".

- Awesome roommate who listened to me last night in the dark as I whispered "Empress Foofypants" over and over when I pressed the dilaudid PCA pump, and said: "You are awesome."

- Awesome roommate kept calling me doll and put a sign up on the door asking everyone to let me sleep for an hour this morning because I was in so much pain.


Awesome roommate was discharged, which made me sad :(

Enter NuRoommate!

- NuRoommate objected to the post-op antibiotics because antibiotics overused/overprescribed...
- ...and NuRoommate simultaneously requested to be sent home with morphine instead of vicodin.


- NuRoommate is given pain medication and will.not.stop talking about this one hiking trip to Vermont. This went on for over two hours.

- ...and was ended when NuRoomate began worrying about post-op infection.

- NuRoommate pleading with her boyfriend to make sure no one took her jello. She loves her some orange jello.


- NuRoommate's boyfriend looks and dresses like an older, balding Jeff from The Wiggles. I firmly believe this man has never been hiking in his life.

- This PCA pump. Not being in agony is extremely underrated.

- Clashtalk and its awesome Clashtalkers. You peeps are rockin.