Because I WILL get out of this neighborhood, even if it kills me.

Anyway, I went to look at this house that was in a nice area. Nice house, not fancy fancy, but nice and quiet. Looked around the outside first, before really getting to look inside because "The outside is the main selling feature!". Go onto the deck and immediately trip - no one's fault, just my stupid ankle does that sometimes to embarrass me. Agent immediately runs over and before asking if I'm ok, blames my shoes (I was wearing flats), blames everything he could possibly think of because he's afraid I guess of some liability? I finally tell him I'm fine, just have a weak ankle, give me a second and I'll be good.

So we go in, look around the downstairs which is nice. Kitchen needs some updating but it has space! We head upstairs next, and while going up the stairs, the agent is telling me "No one really uses the upstairs much." So I'm explaining away the smell as just general mustiness from being unused. I'm poking around the bedrooms (all good sized! closets a little small, but still...) and head out to the hall bath. I lost the agent somewhere, I like to think he knew what was coming. Going into the bathroom notice again it's a good size, hate the tile counters. Walk towards the shower and pass the toilet which has the lid up (odd for a showing that had an appointment) and there's a GIANT TURD just laying there on display. From somewhere down the hall, the agent calls out "How's the bathroom?" I have no answer. * Now, everybody poops I know, but you generally don't LEAVE it. Especially if you know someone is coming to look at the house you have for sale. At least close the lid.

*Something that just occurred to me as I was writing this: I bet the agent did it.