Okay, my DVD player stopped working a couple weeks ago. The player would spin, then produce the message "CANNOT PLAY DISC" no matter what disc I tried. I bought one of those disc cleaners (a DVD with a little brush on the underside to clean the laser eye), and it did not fix the problem.

My existing player is about 7 or 8 years old, so getting it repaired was out of the question. I decided to buy a new DVD player. I am unemployed, so I definitely didn't want anything expensive, but there are so many new features these days! I could have bought a plain DVD player for about $25-35, but I decided to buy a Blu-Ray player with wired Internet (I have Netflix and Amazon Prime) USED ("like new") from Amazon for $61. A new player of the same model is $88.

So, yay! I was really excited about my purchase. I would be able to free up my laptop from Netflix duty and get rid of that damn HDMI cable that stretched half-way across my living room.

The new-to-me player arrived today. I unplugged my old player, turned it over to inspect it as if whatever problem it was having would be apparent from the outside. Needless to say, it wasn't. I decided to plug it to see if it would work after being unplugged for a few minutes. I put in a disc. Lo and behold, it works.


So, people, the advice I'm asking is this: should I keep the new player or send it back? Keep in mind that I am unemployed, and while I'm not hurting for money at this moment, in a couple of months things will become dire. However . . . I want my new player. I just do.


Prudence or whimsy? Which will win?