So the trip to San Francisco ended up being postponed until December (because we like weather extremes apparently) and I am instead going to Santa Fe for something called the Santa Fe Indian Market. I've never been to Santa Fe before and like looking at art (although I can't afford the good stuff.) This is mostly a tour, but I have a couple of evenings/days to myself. There are a ton of museums—any suggestions for how to prioritize? Any other "shouldn't miss" restaurants or activities? I do not want to do anything with horses.

On the subway, I was reading about Santa Fe on Wikitravel and came across this:

Two of the ubiquitous alcoholic beverages in Santa Fe are the familiar margarita and the possibly-less-familiar sangria, a wine-based concoction incorporating fruit, more commonly associated with Spain and Central America.

Am I now one of those totally spoiled cosmopolitan-yet-provincial New Yorkers because I assume that most travelers would know what Sangria is?