Don't talk (or text) or we'll take your ass out! That's what Austin's Alamo Drafthouse has always claimed, and now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they mean business. The Austinist just ran a story about how Madonna was kicked out of a New York Film Festival movie for texting. The details are just too juicy to miss, but I'll let them tell it.…

Not entirely sure why Tim League was in New York. Maybe he's franchised an Alamo Drafthouse for NYC? It's a great business plan: movie watching with pizza and beer. Jujubes and Pepsi are for suckers.


Edited: It appears that the incident did not take place at an Alamo Drafthouse, but at Lincoln Center, which means that the comment was just an off-the-cuff remark from Tim and not related to anything that took place at a Drafthouse. Still. No curly fries for you, Madge.


My statement about Jujubes and Pepsi still stands.

Thanks to Scarlet Horror for the info!