Well, the fucking wheels fell off. At the end of May, I will be moving out of my place and my now ex’s mother will be moving in. Oh, the joy’s the two of them will share.

This didn’t just happen overnight obvs. It happened a week ago, but I just now am at the Okay with it point. I guess we had hit one of those impasses when you both are mutually unhappy with each other but you love each other to much to walk away. I think the final straw came on my birthday, which her birthday is literally the day after mine, and for the love of everything holy I had lost my fucking mind with her stealing my fucking birthday thunder. She literally ruined my Birthday this year. And from there the wheels fell off.

I won’t get to far into the nitty, gritty of it, but last weekend I came home from work and my mother in law had rearranged my dining room, and living room, moved the cats litter box, and was talking about throwing out my Lazy boy, which, is my cats like fucking bed. Oh, yeah she did all of that because she is moving in while I am finally getting the boot.

I shouldn’t say it is all bad. We have sat down and had some very candid conversation about it, and we actually split a week ago. I didn’t want to bring that initial shit storm here. It’s nice being in an adult relationship. This being said I am incredibly petty and have downloaded tinder. I have seen some things that have made me swipe so hard left I practically have thrown my phone across the room.

So what the fuck is up with you clashtalk?