Reading so many posts and learning about the other commenters here this weekend has just floored me with laughter and delighted me with joy. It's so amazing to learn a little bit of the "behind-the-scenes" info on those names that pop up so frequently.

I do, however, get the impression that most people here are married and that there is a very small contingent of us that just still hasn't found "the right one". That are still, if you will, waiting for someone to put a ring on it!

So I'm just curious: where are all the single ladies and men that make up Clashtalk? Why aren't we married yet? Did we come close? And do we think we ever will?

And for the married/partnered Clashtalkers: What's your "he/she put a ring on it" story? Are you going strong? Do you regret that you did it? Is the grass really greener over on Marriage Avenue?


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