This is somewhat related to a post Empress Foofypants made a while ago:

I currently have a hole in my tv catalog that I want to fill. I have a lot of holes actually, as my current go-to is...American Dad. (Whatevs, people, I love that show. I hate Family Guy though, I'll just throw that out there.) But I want to watch something that's on par with one of my favorite tv shows ever: Judging Amy.

That show was amazing. So liberal! Set in the family court system, sometimes in the social work arena, able to express nuances about race and cultures, - unfortunately not so great with homosexuality, they totally chickened out with Donna but it was the 90's - heartwarming but not treacly, emphasis on strong women (Tyne Daly as the mom was fantastic,) balancing work and home, romances that didn't take over...I miss that show. So, near as I can narrow down, my options are:

Scandal or The Good Wife.

But I haven't been able to sense if either really works for what I'm looking for. Thoughts?