I don't know if there's a word—but there should be—for the experience of finding out about something just past the moment where it gets played out, and realizing that there's just no way to hop on the bandwagon without looking like a schmuck. Think of the conversations (online or in person) when you think of the perfect addition, only to realize that everyone else has moved on to something else.

Or realizing, "Wait, you mean people use Kickstarter to pay for things they want, could almost certainly afford, but just don't feel like it? Well, how about...no, now everyone who can get away with it has already done it. Dammit!"

I'll give this guy credit—saying the names of contributors while cooking is a clever bonus gift.

For the record, my car needs a tune-up, and while I can probably afford it, I'd prefer not to actually go out-of-pocket, but I think the "pay for stuff so I don't have to" campaigns are played out. Which is a shame, because I was planning on being very honest and telling people that, while I would give them nothing in return for giving me money (not even a kindly-worded thank you e-mail), I would spend a few seconds thinking about thanking them before going back to whatever I was doing.