OMFG,,,I open the door and see,,YUM! - m4w - 41

Holy, Get the fuck out, OMFG, you are fucking hawt, fine, fucking on! You more than likely won't ever see this, but I have to live on that assumption. Ok, here is the bomb, I think you are the hottest girl I have ever seen in my life! Fuck, then you walked into the garage, you were ON, I like the damn look, you were funny as hell, but fine as hell too! I could not stop thinking when is you comin back, gurl, you need to be snappin back up in heya. I will forever fantasize about you. It was at that moment I couldn't have been so more wrong in my life. It was a bit later and we wound up by ourselves no aqaintences for miles and days. I suddenly realized that that was an obvious set up. When am I ever m.I.a. for more than 76 hours. What an amazing time you had with me, lol I gave you, I mean, you know! Hahaha seriously though, that ass needs to be comforted and I know an expert in the field of "Knowin That Asss!" I really had some kind of lapse of reason because the shit went down like a fuckin movie! I told you right there, I got to throw the fair shot warning, then express my actual intent of pursuing you like a Gazelle running from a Tiger in Africa. Ever since that one weird day, the I felt that I had to get you and boy did I throw it down onya! You bad assd, hot gurleegurl. Damn you got it in you, I look down and I'm in ,,,,you, deeper I sink into you. It felt so good! Ha, I wish! Fuck yeah, I'm still alive! On the comeback tour of a lifetime! Get off the couch, Ron!