So I’m in a fantasy football league. Despite having had a mediocre season (which is in no way my fault), I find myself in my league’s championship game. The problem is, I’m losing by six points, all my players’ games have ended, and my opponent still has players with a game tomorrow.

That’s why it’s not officially over yet—technically, I still have a microscopically small chance to win, as negative plays (fumbles, lost yards, etc.) count against a player’s point total. Which means that at this point, my only hope is that my opponent’s players make several costly mistakes, then somehow die before being able to make them up. Fortunately, the league has no rules that touch on how a player could die; sniper fire, hit by an asteroid, a rare and previously undiagnosed illness, they’re all valid options.

My ethical question is this: would it make one a bad person for hoping that that happens? And since one of the “players” on the other team is a defensive unit—which would require the deaths of scores of players—would that make one an even worse person? I mean, sure, hoping that one player throws an interception, and then is run over by a car on his way to the sideline feels ethically questionable, but is hoping for a veritable clown car of death* worse? I think not.

*-A clown car of death would be pretty funny, although still probably ethically problematic.