Or, "Internet Dumbasses Angry at Internet Dumbass for Dumbass Reason"— Sorry, that's juvenile and unfair. "Give me money for potato salad" guy is clearly tapping into our society's twin fascinations with giving money without thinking and supporting foolish things because they're kooky (see: the career of Carrot Top), but he's not a dumbass. The people who have given him money, on the other hand.... Take it away, AV Club:

As BuzzFeed reports, some speculated that backers were withdrawing their pledges en masse after Brown controversially switched the campaign page's photo to one of a potato salad he'd eaten at Columbus-area restaurant Sidebar.

That sounds absurd, of course—it's not like people who had contributed complained or anythi—


Because he replaced one picture that he found on the Internet with another picture he found on the Internet, the whole endeavor is now tainted. Well, live and learn. What will you do to save your reputation, Danger?

But most immediately, of course, he has to combat his donors' hunger for potato salad—and the pizza party he initially promised is now snowballing into a massive potato salad party and possible benefit concert (called Potato Stock), where he'll make and serve all of the many potato salad recipes that have been submitted. "The entire Internet is invited," Brown said on GMA, of the party he plans to have filmed and presumably simulcast.


To my everlasting shame, I used to watch America's Funniest Home Videos (I was a kid! I didn't know better!). One of the highlights of viewership was deciding which videos were obviously staged, because it was just immoral to take the glory from people who legitimately caught their kids' hair getting set on fire or their dads' testicles being bitten off by the family dog—you know, simple, honest entertainment for all. If this guy doesn't spin this debacle into a TV show with Guy Fieri—and he'd be a fool not to—I'll eat my hat, if I can raise the $300 baseline for my Eat the Hat! Eat the Hat! Kickstarter campaign I just set up.