Get ready for endless reimagined hagiographies in an effort to get these albatrosses sold. Interesting to attempt to juxtapose it with Bartool (retch) and broader sports journalism as the former 800lb gorilla who is now 50lbs antagonist.

Some real solid lines in here from people:

Man who is bad at his job:

Longtime deputy editor Barry Petchesky: “There was a fat joke. There was an anorexia joke. . . . Men (cis, straight, white, neurotypical) have it so . . . easy.”

Woman who is bad at her job and apparently, a moron:

Greenwell pushes back at that critique, even as she occasionally embodies it. When explaining that she lives in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, she added, “but the part where a lot of Puerto Rican families live.

“I always want Deadspin to do the fun and silly,” she said. “But percentage-wise, it won’t feel like it did in the old days because the internet is dramatically less fun.”

She added: “Trump ruined everything. Barstool ruined everything.

A wildly deluded human:

“Deadspin caters to the smartest people,” she said. “It’s the people with the best sense of humor, giving you the smartest takes.”


Wagner has little sympathy. Asked whether there was a goal to her coverage of Barstool, she said, “I want them to be seen for what they are, which is not a legitimate sports site.”


Revisiting the moron:

Greenwell said Deadspin always will write funny posts with profanity in the headlines, but she sees growth for the site in the kind of big magazine features she has shepherded in her career. Her wish list, were she to sit down with a potential buyer, includes more reporting on business, women’s sports and sneaker culture.

The person who runs the damn site apparently can’t be bothered to increase coverage of things she finds interesting...


Noticed that all of the staffers terrible photos have been replaced with GMG Union. Are we on the cusp of an announcement they have been sold to Goldberg???