Bummer #1: So earlier today I learned that Frank Thornton—Captain Peacock from Are You Being Served? (one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows)—died earlier this year. Sad, but not surprising, as he was in his 90s.

Bummer #2: According to one of his obits, his last role was in the film adaptation of a play called Run For Your Wife, a sex farce from the early 1980s. The movie, apparently, was savaged by the critics. (From one story about the movie: "Meanwhile Peter Bradshaw of 'The Guardian' says: “The humour makes 'The Dick Emery Show' [editor's note: I had to look that one up—the show went off the air in 1983] look edgy and contemporary" and that it is likely to make cinema viewers want to put their head in the gas oven.")

Bummer #3: According to its Wikipedia page, the movie boasted performances from something like 80 British actors, including Judi Dench as a bag lady. When I read that, I said to no-one in particular, "Please, tell me Geoffrey Palmer was spared this indignity." Sadly, no, he is there on the cast list, with his role given as, and I quote, "Man on toilet." (IMDB lists it as "Man on bus," so hopefully they're right and it's just an example of Wiki vandalism, unless he plays a man on a bus toilet, which would be even more embarrassing).

Sorry, Geoffrey. Here's remembering better times.