Sully comes out of retirement to cheer the Supreme Court ruling. But feels the need to insist, nine days after the Charleston murders, that the rights of gays to marry are more important than integration and voting rights.

He writes: “In the words of Hannah Arendt:

“The right to marry whoever one wishes is an elementary human right compared to which ‘the right to attend an integrated school, the right to sit where one pleases on a bus, the right to go into any hotel or recreation area or place of amusement, regardless of one’s skin or color or race’ are minor indeed. Even political rights, like the right to vote, and nearly all other rights enumerated in the Constitution, are secondary to the inalienable human rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence; and to this category the right to home and marriage unquestionably belongs.” .... “

ETA: As a straight white woman, I’m not the one to rank the relative importance of basic human and civil rights to those in groups less privileged than mine. Yet I’m quite certain he and Arendt have completely borked their list of comparative human rights: “...the right to sit where one pleases ... regardless of one’s skin or color or race are minor indeed...” Minor indeed? That entire lengthy clause of theirs is literally nauseating.