Third Tracy was really out of her element when discussing Lily Allen’s struggles and visits with sex workers. She seemed really affronted that Allen didn’t make some pro-sex work PSA while talking about her divorce and mental health issues, and actually called it “fucking amazing” just because it’s a woman seeing other female sex workers, like some kind of girl power thing. Incidentally, I just watched some indie on Netflix about a lesbian in an average marriage who is sexually frustrated and starts cheating on her wife with women sex workers, then gets into the business herself. It didn’t seem “empowering” to me, just a woman getting herself into cheating and being deceitful to her partner.

This same Tracy just wrote a piece on how Real Sex was so educational for her, and I’m thinking she’s applying that same sex positive message, but it’s the wrong context. She shouldn’t be dictating how Allen should feel, or make her experience seem more like a feminist sex positive fantasy instead of what the reality felt like for her.

Third Tracy seems to try way too hard to seem sexually free, but comes off as bland and basic.