Among other things. This is somewhat disorganized, but obviously passionate.

Gawker is currently taking e-mails on the Matt Bruenig situation. The piece is filed under the tag “neoliberalism.” The writer has previously e-mailed me to assure me they’re very willing to publish critical takes on Sanders supporters. I didn’t initiate contact. He just thought I was being overly critical of Gawker on my Twitter feed, so he e-mailed. The Gawker headline on Bruenig persists in the specific framing that he was “fired” for being “rude.”

I sent that writer an e-mail. With screencaps and links. The writer politely suggested I was blaming Bruenig for things out of his control.

It makes sense, if you don’t think about the fact that some of the people doing it are friends of his. From the outside, yeah. You don’t have people telling you, every time, who started this one. You don’t have the experience of your friends complaining about their nightmare mentions and looking into said nightmare mentions and invariably seeing his name.

It’s not Gawker. It’s everywhere. Bruenig got published by a publication I work with. I sent them a horrified e-mail, telling them “do you know this guy has been involved with death threats?” They got me on the phone.

First question: “Can you explain Jacobinghazi?”

Well, no, I can’t. That is a nonsense word I’d never heard until a few months ago. I don’t care about Jacobin. But that’s what this has been cast as: A feud, a little Twitter spat, a piece of drama. Instead of what it is – what’s been happening, to my growing horror, to more and more women. The Tweets about genitalia. The Tweets about our deaths. The fake stories about us, the Photoshopped Tweets where “we” say horrible things, the blogs telling the Bros who to target next, the Twitter accounts created specifically to publish degrading or false stuff about us, the knowledge that you are being watched, the lies. And the knowledge that one of the things they do is tell people you’re a liar. The knowledge that even if you spoke, they could just say you’re imagining things.