Jeez. I was actually in a good mood getting to the day job. Then a regular pissed me off on some high-maintenance bullshit early on. I asked my coworker if it was gonna be one of those days. He said "probably." I think he was right.

After that I think a couple more people worked my nerves. Then we got to the kicker, maybe around noonish. Was showing a guy some padlocks, he was real stoked off the dual combo/key joints. Said he'd never seen them where he's from, which turned out to be South Africa. I resisted the urge to make a crack about how I thought they had all that shit and then some down there. At which time he decides to tell me why the resettable combo lock appealed to him so much. "Because we have a lot of blacks working on the farm."

I expected him to continue with some potential kinda maybe non-racist rider on that. But no. He just dropped the fucking mic on that gem. Fuuuuuuuuuck me. I have a rule of only getting into it with one customer a day. Shoulda known that playing that card so early was going to come back and bite me in the ass. I've been to South America and learned that internationally, motherfuckers make our backwooods racist ass crackers look like Dr. West with their anti-black racism. But hearing some asshole bump that shit in my neighborhood bothered me. Didn't even leave that at home, the fucking dick.

Today's highlights also included getting put on MOVE ALL THE HEAVY SHIT AROUND FOR NO DISCERNIBLE REASON detail on the first day I haven't worked with the 300 lb. viking homie in months, and then tense text/FB exchanges with two different fellow sarcastic asshole music buddies. One of them was somebody I consider a solid friend, and I thought it was actually getting really real until I got a "My bad. I need to eat."

Both those exchanges ended e-hugged out, I got beer and great pot and the wife is radiant as usual and we're all good... and now Maher tells me there is some new shit going around kinda disproving Mormonism. Naturally I'm hanging out with the Mormon brother and his wife and (adorable) kids tomorrow. The same wife who pissed me off enough to hoof it a couple miles to the nearest train station less than an hour into family time last year.

We got all the drama out of the way today, right? RIGHT?

On the bright side though, Jay Hyphen Z and JT are doing their music concert in SF tonight, and there was some kind of bomb threat shit that shut down the Bay Bridge for a couple hours this afternoon. Early afternoon, but it was still enough to make all the roads a zoo from there on out. I ain't gonna lie, that pleases me a great deal.