The McCoy household is wrapping up the newly available (on Netflix) AHS season. Not a huge hit in here. It's a smorgasbord of mostly great lady actors. I still like the first season best, probably because I'm obsessed with Connie Britton and also because the show might be out of shock value...

  • I can't decide if it's delightfully campy that this is set in New Orleans or a little tired and hacky.
  • Gabourey Sidibe sucks in this. Have y'all seen her in anything else besides Precious? One-hit wonder? How in the world is Emma Roberts a better actress?
  • Jessica Lange is fucking amazing all the time. And gorgeous. Did you know she's from Minnesota? I looked her up on Wikipedia and couldn't believe it because her Southern accents have always been pretty good.
  • Angela Bassett looks like she's having a blast.
  • Whole series is worth it for Kathy Bates's head and Stevie Nicks playing the piano and singing.