There’ve been a few posts by people at The Root talking about their personal experience with mental illness. They’re very good, but what I really took away from it was that the staff are doing these posts because they genuinely care about their readers, in particular those that might be suffering in silence from some form of mental anguish. The writers want to normalize it and for their readers to feel less alone and less stigmatized. They’re encouraging people to seek help by example. It made me think, “when was the last time I read something on Jez whose aim was to make me feel cared for?”

I think one of the reasons Jez is in such a swan dive of awfulness is that practically the whole staff loathes or is, at best, indifferent to their readers.

Completely unrelated, I have a minor bit of tea to spill on Doria Ragland but to do so would be quite doxxy and it’s driving me crazy!