How is everyone coping with this week? I’ve been in a complete daze since Wednesday. I’ve been drinking more, barely eating, and even smoking cigarettes again. And I’m a straight white guy. I can’t imagine what my female, minority, and LGBT friends are going through.

But the thing is, the biggest danger of the next four years isn’t about gender or race or religion or sexual identity. It’s about the climate. This administration, and the Republican Congress and Supreme Court, will not only put a halt to any progress we’ve made on global warming. They will actually institute policies to make it worse. I know it’s cliche to say this, but I have no idea what to tell my children. No clue whatsoever.

Anyways, how are all of you holding up? Vent to me. Rant to me. Cry with me. Cry with each other. We need each other right now.