So the Swiss electorate just passed new anti-immigration laws. I was on reddit's soccer board and noticed a picture of the Swiss national soccer team with with all immigrants or descendents of immigrants shopped out (it left three players).

The comments are 2500 of a clusterfuck of Europeans trying to defend their notoriously racist streak (especially when it comes to Arabs and Eastern Europeans) and people like me trying to point out how shitty this is.

I've been accused of being like the Unabomber (for saying "what's popular isn't always right"), had the "they just take from the system" thing thrown at me, and had the stupid "the people know what's best for them" thing (no, they really, really don't) stated repeatedly.

I was also called radical and fringe. I can't really deny that. I wanted to reply with the Soviet national anthem.

I've never understood the European immigration thing. Is it because they've spent so much time in a culturally, ethnically, racially and linguistically homogenous nation (unlike Americans) that they're just not used to it? Or is it that they're so awesome at gay rights and women's rights and youth rights and welfare and healthcare that they just had to have shortcomings somewhere.


It's also occurred to me that me using a term like "Europeans" generally might itself be racist.