Has anyone else noticed that at some point in the past five years atheism has become a religion and that its followers are often just as evangelical as any tent show preacher?

It used to be that if you were an atheist you just didn't give a shit about religious folk as long as they didn't get up your shit. Now the cool kids are getting up the shit of religious folks - and that's just as bad as the other way around.

Look, if you are atheist that is just as much an act of faith as any other belief. What happens after death is not something that can be proven. Your disbelief in God or an afterlife is actually just a belief that is no better and no worse than any other belief. And the data we have available could go either way.

Just look at how weirdly organized parts of the universe are - particularly with Fibonacci stuff. The organization could be interpreted as it being unlikely that "random shit just happened."

And, think about human progress. In a very short period of time since we got the concept of electricity we've been able to create new species, alter weather, defy gravity and do any number of things ascribed to Gods in various religions. Is it unreasonable to think that if we can do it now, something else was able to do it millions of years ago?

We live in a world where many left wing people are comfortable saying "Your kink isn't my kink and that's cool." Why can't we all say "Your belief system isn't my belief system and that's cool too?"