Today my ex is getting married and tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. This means that her grandparents can not spend the weekend with her (For reason unknown they have to spend four days in Seattle after the wedding) My ex has also conveniently forgot to pay child support. Two months ago the little Dictator's insurance was lapsed and I was not told about it and she has been racking up over a thousand in medical bills. He has two jobs in this world, pay child support and keep her insurance current. My job is to feed, house, take her to preemptive strike daddy issues therapy, and keep her off the pole. Of these two things he is good at neither and cares little about the aftermath of his choices. When his family gets here they will be stepping in to an IED of anger from my father. I told him today that I want to call them and tell them not to drive over. All he said was "Let them come" and hung up. If Monday a teary woman is giving an interview on the main page about how great her father is and how her did not mean to run those people over with an F-450, hey y'all.