I’m on vacation for the next week, and I am using that time to bake stuff. I am a pretty shit cook, but I love bake. Mostly, I love to eat things that I bake. I’ve already made oatmeal cookies, and I’m softening butter to make brioche. I’m also thinking of trying to make puff pastry from scratch, to do a brie en croute. Or driving to Kroger and buying puff pastry, b/c even I have limits. (Puff pastry is simple enough, it just takes 90 million hours to roll it out, b/c it needs to chill for half an hour for every ten minutes of rolling, b/c it’s allllllll butter.)

I was going to try macarons, but I don’t think I have the patience or the low humidity in my kitchen to pull it off. Yes, I seem to have become an annoying American-Who-Went-To-France. I now only like coffee that is strong enough to put hair on my back, men in boldly colored ankle pants, and carrying loaves of bread with a wistful expression of ennui.

How are you spending your weekend, Clashtalk? Do you have any fun baking recipes? Vacation Netflix recommendations? Good jokes?