So as I mentioned, I spent most of yesterday afternoon assembling furniture and cooking meat. Since I can't grow decent facial hair and am unlikely to participate in the creation of another human being, that's about as conventionally manly as I get.

After all that furniture was assembled and meat was cooked and consumed, I did what any other red-blooded 'Murcan male would do: spent an inordinate amount of time ogling Ryan Gosling stripping down to his underwear in a deleted scene from some movie. Since it's a movie, I suppose it's possible that he used some kind of...performance enhancer...but, as I'm not likely to get the chance to see the genuine article anytime soon, if there are any shenanigans going on, I'm blissfully unaware of them.

I was reminded of those "I Can't Stop Staring at This Chinese Goat" posts from when AJ first took over, but I decided that "I Can't Stop Staring at Ryan Gosling's Junk" might be a bit too coarse for a title.