So do y'all remember my BFF, who talked in court, took over my meetings, and called me ineffective? She's still here! The senior attorney wouldn't let her go because she is paying for class credit. So she's off my service but still around being loud and irritating. (Btw, when I kicked her out of juvenile court, I asked her to leave no less than three times before she actually got up and left. It was bizarre and vaguely threatening.)

She comes in each day and yells "Momma's home!" as soon as she opens the door. For real, in a professional setting. I think she thinks she's taken us all under her wing? Anyway, she calls the other intern (who is actually competent and fits in great here) her "baby." When asked to work on a suppression motion, she went on an extremely loud rant about how this guy's life was on the line and how could we put someone with no experience on such an important project. (How does she think we got experience?!) This led to some comparison about mustard seeds and faith in the Bible? I have no idea. I got lost.

She also sings to herself and talks aloud to herself in a babyish voice - one afternoon, she was organizing an appeals file and listing every single thing in it out loud for the whole floor to hear. Was she not aware? Does she think we are all talking to ourselves all the time? Why does she talk like a child?

However, the other female attorney is the real victim now. Intern flounced in one day and said "Guess what! Look how happy I am!" and the attorney was like, "OK, what." Then Intern says "I got some this weekend!" and put her hand up for a high-five. NOPE. Then, last week, she threw herself onto the attorney (who had been teaching at a training) and said "I missed you so much!"

OMG there's still more. A clerk in my courtroom let Intern use her phone one day. Intern said into the phone (to, presumably, her 12 year old): "Are you doing your reading? You better not lie to me, because I've got the cameras on and I'll play back the footage."


Eek. It doesn't affect me except for the baby voice/noise. I close my door and hide, as I am wont to do.