So. CBS published these photos earlier today. Because....? Who knows. I just had to include this section due to Jozea’s face.

Y’all, I REALLY wanted to include a gif of Paulie talking about how can’t lose and then the thing blowing up in his face, but I can’t find one. If anyone finds one pls post here!

(ETA: Thanks, Mr. McGibblets!)

So instead, have a gif of Natalie dropping some knowledge on Bridgette. Looks like votes were flip flopping all over the place this morning, so we can expect a possible blindside on tonight’s episode of Biiiiiig Brooootherrrrr!


You guys think Frank will try and fight someone if this eviction doesn’t go his way?

P.S. Please reply to this post indicating whether or not you would be ok with spoilers in the episode posts. The feed spoiler posts keep getting buried downpage and become hard to find toward the end of the BB week, so if everyone is ok with feed spoilers on these open threads we can do that. If there is anyone here who is a TV-only viewer who wants to remain unspoiled we can keep the separate feed spoilers threads with a requirement to tag all posts “Big Brother,” “feed spoilers,” and “BB18.”