Tonight’s the night we’ve all been dreading waiting for: pre-jury buyback!

Either Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte, or tonight’s evicted houseguest (most likely Tiffany), will participate in the Battle Back competition in order to return to the house. Since the feeds are currently down, and will likely be down until after the Battle Back comptetion airs tomorrow, we might not know who wins HOH (everyone’s speculating that it might be endurance), or who is coming back.

Usually I’m all for a returning houseguest, but all the options are so terrible that it’s hard for me to pick. Best case scenario would be Glenn, but since he was only in the house for 10 minutes the first time around, he’ll have a really hard time jumping into the game at this point. However, I doubt many will see him as any sort of threat, so if he manages to get back into the game, he’ll be a low priority target and might stick around for a few weeks.

I’m putting my money on either Victor or Jozea though. I do think the whole concept of Battle Back was aimed at protecting Frank, therefore the competitions might lean more physical than mental. Bronte might have a good shot if her comp ends up being a puzzle though, so I wouldn’t entirely count her out. Tiffany could win as well depending on the comp, but it might be a complete and total crap shoot in general. In any case, any of these 4 would produce high amounts of drama (especially Tiff), and if production has any say in it (and they might), Tiffany might be walking right back in the door.

Who do you think will win Battle Back?