Subtitle: This Season Sucks, So Let’s Talk About BB 19

So to recap, things aren’t looking good for our favorites this week. Paul is a loud and annoying HOH, Paulie turned into the frat-bro asshole we were expecting him to be from week 1, and Day’s days in the house are numbered and she may be leaving tonight. The only bright spot is the possibility of Zeesh turning things around. But we can’t have nice things, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. So instead of dwelling on this trashheap, let’s contemplate what may happen on next season’s trashheap. I’m going on the record right now to say that I’m not going to get All Access, but it’s the internet: it’ll be out within hours of being released or I’ll be completely shocked.

What do you hope for? Want it to return to more like the old days? Come on in and let’s have a discussion tonight on